Penta 600 lm (max 1100 lm)


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Penta: The new compact headlamp with up to 1100 lumen, diffuse camping light, two red lights with different beam characteristics and numerous lighting functions. The housing of the Penta is made of black anodised aluminium. Two buttons on the upper side of the lamp allow easy control of all lighting functions. The lamp has an integrated battery and can be charged via USB-C.

4500K natural light.

Battery 1,8 Ah / 3,7 V Li-Po / 6,7 Wh

Light settings

Valge LED Punane LED
0,35 W 55 lm 19h 0,35 W 16 lm 19h
1 W 120 lm 6h 45min 0,8 W 45 lm 8h 20min
3w 340 lm 2h 30min 1,6 W 80 lm 4h 10min
6w 600 lm 1h 3 W 140 lm 2h 30min

Special functions

Valge LED Punane LED
0,05 W 15 lm 120h 0,05 W 5 lm 120h
0,5 W 40 lm 13h 25min 0,4 W 20 lm 16h 45min
1 W 60 lm 6h 45min 2 W Flash 3h 20min
1,2 W SOS 5h 35min
2 W Flash 3h 20min

Boost mode

Valge LED Punane LED
10 W 1100 lm 6 W 220 lm

86g without headband
110g with headband

Protection class

Operating temperature -25 C bis +70 C