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Product information “ROTLICHT MAX (international)”

160 lumen taillight with brightness sensor, various light modes (continuous light, flashing, pulsing, etc.) and up to five different dimming levels.

The sensor technology with brake light provides additional safety. Because of the battery being twice the original size, the Rotlicht MAX has
doubled its runtime compared to the standard Rotlicht. The waterproof hardware is designed for daily use in wind and rain and easily withstands
temperatures from -25 to 70 degrees celsius. The battery, which is integrated into the taillight, is charged via a micro USB in the back.
A plug protector is attached to the charging socket, so neither dust nor dirt gets inside. The taillight is mounted with the enclosed strap underneath
the bikeseat. Delivery includes a short and a long strap each. They cover a 22 to 55 mm diameter. The excess strap can easily be shortened if necessary.
Properties “ROTLICHT MAX (international)”
Lamptype: Taillight
Lumens: 160 Lumen
Luminous duration: 60 h
Material: CNC-milled, aluminium 6061-T6, shot-peen, hard-anodised
Measurements: 30x32x60 mm
Plug: Mikro USB B
Protection class: IP 09 (impact resistance), IP 68 (water resistance)
StVZO-approved: No
Weight: 80g

Delivery content “ROTLICHT MAX (international)”

  • Rotlicht Max Taillight
  • Rubberstrap long
  • Rubberstrap short
  • Micro-B USB cable