Lupine stands for more than 22 years of quality – Made in Germany

Lupine develop and produce all lamps in Germany. Even the majority of the individual components is manufactured in Germany or neighboring European countries especially for our high demands on quality and durability. Only then can Lupine achieve their unique level of quality.

The Component Selection

When selecting the components, Lupine attach great importance to quality, durability, origin and efficiency.

System-related components are subjected to a 100% control to reduce the likelihood of an electronic defect as possible to 0.

All components used by us have been specially developed for our needs, guaranteeing unsurpassed product quality.

In the complete range of products, only the highest-quality LEDs are installed, currently the Cree XM-L2 U4 LED’s with a theoretical maximum brightness of 1100 lumens per LED. Likewise, Lupine use only Panasonic NCR B cells, which provide the necessary energy.

Leader in Technology

Lupine were among the first companies that is completely switched from halogen lamps to LED technology and today they focus on the latest and most efficient LEDs electronic components. This advantage in experience they make it every year to tickle a little more brightness of Lupine lamp heads out.

1500 lumens at a Piko and up to 5000 lumens at the Betty R! These are values that were considered absolutely impossible two years ago. Only by technological progress and constant further development of Lupine electronic components they have come to what they are today, the technology leader in helmet-, forehead- and flashlights.

Compatible and versatile

Lupine offers a unique compatibility across the entire product range. Almost every battery can be combined with each lamp head.

Whether it is a battery last generation or a modern Smart Core Battery – our plug-in contacts on the battery and lamp head are based for over 20 years on the same system and are still compatible with each other, even though Lupine have now adapted to the higher level of performance.

In addition, it is possible to convert any helmet lamp in a headlamp. With a few simple steps you mount your lamp head to the other bracket system. This means that our lamps are extremely versatile, whether for biking, running, skiing or climbing and working at night.

Warranty and Service

Lupine guarantee to repair the lamp sets within 48 hours, as soon as possible in order to enlighten you again.

All lamps have a warranty of two years, but even after this time we will not let our customers down and will always find an obliging solution.

Our motivated staff you are with problems or questions with advice and practical help.

Aluminum housing

Lupine shape lamp heads exclusively from high quality aluminum alloys. All housings are milled of a single piece of aluminum, by CNC process.

So Lupine not only achieve extremely precise fit, but can manufacture aluminum housing which are lightweight and extremely stable.

Lumen measurement

Principally, Lupine do not provide lux values for our lamps, but only lumen values. Lux values are not reliable for judging the brightness of a lamp, as the luminance is only measured in one single point at a defined distance to the light source.

Unlike many other manufacturers, we regularly measure the luminosity of our lamps by ourselves. With our in-house ulbricht sphere, we determine the luminous flux.

Lupine proceed in a standardized procedure in which more than a hundred measurements are made on a strictly defined period of time and the mean or median value is calculated.